2022 Jaguar F-Type preview: V-8 only, great news for Jaguar fans


Among a handful of UK car brands Jaguar is the most prominent, in fact it won’t be wrong to say that it defines the UK sports car industry. The F-Type is their flagship sports car that defines the brand’s approach to sports cars.

Unlike many performance-oriented mainstream brands, Jaguar has taken an unconventional approach to the engine of its F-Type and it is evident that the 2022 F-Type in the US will only be delivered with a V8. engine. No “little” F-type engines will go on sale and they have been ignored in favor of the fierce and exhilarating V8 engine. In addition to this, there are also other upgrades, which are discussed below.

The F-Type 2022 will be available in two versions, P450 and R. The P450 offers many features and amenities for an entry-level Jaguar sports car. Both versions are further divided into a convertible and coupe configuration. However, the high-end variant is only available in AWD.

The availability of a RWD P450 is great as it offers the freedom to enjoy and explore the car in a more traditionally dynamic way. The same goes for the R version when it comes to body styling, however, its maximum power is significantly higher than that of the P450 and is rated at 575 hp. The P450, on the other hand, puts out a maximum output of 444 horsepower, which is a very respectable figure for a basic sports car.

The 444 hp and 575 hp versions offer competitive performance in their class and a host of driver assistance features make it easy to explore each rpm. The R version offers that pure track car UKTN with a host of performance enhancements that allow it to time 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 186 mph. The P450 isn’t far behind with a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds and sprints until the speedometer hits 177 mph.

The 2022 F-Type has the same visual appeal, including sleek body lines and prominent hips. The appropriately sized grille and tail lights further accentuate its effortless beauty and character. The P450 AWD version adds a host of cosmetic and creature comforts to the standard RWD variant, making the more expensive version much more appealing. Still, the R version, as always, will remain the No.1 choice for Jaguar fans, as it’s the ultimate driving machine that delivers the punch and roar that a supercharged Jaguar V8 is known for.

Pricing for the base RWD P450 starts at just under $ 70,000, which climbs to nearly $ 80,000 for the AWD version. In the case of the famous Jaguar F-Type R, the price skyrockets and hits an MSRP of $ 103,200. All three F-Types are backed by Jaguar EliteCare, which covers a wide range of warranty and support issues.



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