3 things to look for in a digital contract solution


South African companies need to streamline their processes to stay competitive and increase efficiency. Digital contract solutions are an easy way to achieve this.

Digital contract solutions free you from time-consuming contract tasks and enable you to easily create, sign and manage documents.

When using leading solutions such as DocNinja, organizations typically recover 80% of the time they would otherwise have spent on contract management.

However, if you’re looking for a digital contract solution, it’s important to understand what your business needs and whether the solution you’re considering can provide this functionality.

DocNinja highlights three features to keep in mind when considering your digital contract solution below.

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1. Digital contract management

Traditional contract management generally involves a shared, disorganized collection of documents.

Therefore, organizations dealing with large numbers of contracts will greatly benefit from the ability to manage them more efficiently.

Leading digital contract solution DocNinja provides organizations with a central digital contract repository where all their signed contracts are stored.

These are accessible through an AI search engine that helps your employees quickly find the contract they are looking for.

The repository can also automatically schedule reminders to make sure you don’t miss any important contract dates.

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2. Digital contract creation

Digital contract creation solutions allow you to create contracts using guided questionnaires and advanced contract builders to ensure your contracts are of the best quality.

DocNinja’s digital contract creation solution allows you to do this and pull contract information from various data sources, making the whole process much easier.

Data within the contract can then be exported to other systems, forming an interconnected ecosystem that optimizes all of your future contracts.

In contrast, traditional “non-digital” systems see all data captured manually in an unstructured manner, which generally results in a significantly slower process.

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3. Digital Contract Signatures

While the ability to sign documents through a digital contract solution is widely available, many systems are limited in the scope of this functionality.

Look for solutions that allow you to quickly sign contracts on different devices, such as your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This is possible with DocNinja, which also allows you to sign via email or even via SMS. In both cases, signers are redirected to a secure platform.

During this process, authentication mechanisms and security controls ensure that your contracts and data are completely secure.

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