3 things you need to know from the third committee hearing 1/6


The 1/6 Committee’s third hearing focused on Trump’s pressure campaign against Mike Pence and the proximity to Pence’s assassination.

1). Trump knew on January 4 that his plot to void the election was illegal, and John Eastman asked to be put on the presidential pardon list.

The president’s deputy attorney Greg Jacob was asked, “Has John Eastman ever admitted to the president, to your knowledge, that his proposal would violate the Voter Count Act?”

Jacob replied, “I believe he did it the fourth.”

Trump knew days before the 1/6 attack that the scheme he concocted with John Eastman was a crime, but he prosecuted it anyway. In other words, Donald Trump knowingly and intentionally committed crimes.

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Eastman also emailed Rudy Giuliani to be put on the presidential pardon list.

2). Trump and Eastman assumed the Supreme Court would let them off the hook with a coup

Q: So at this meeting on the 4th, I believe I raised the issue that Mr. Eastman’s two proposals would violate several provisions of the Voter Count Act.

Jacob: Mr. Eastman acknowledged that was the case. That even what he considered the most politically acceptable option would violate several provisions. But he thought we could do it because in his opinion the voter count law was unconstitutional and when I raised concerns about the probable loss of the position in court, he felt that the court did not s would simply not imply. They would be invoking the political question doctrine, and therefore we could be reassured to go that route.


3). Mike Pence came much closer to death than reported

The 1/6 committee revealed that the crowd came within 40 feet of Mike Pence.

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The 1/6 Committee also revealed that they had an earlier version of Trump’s 1/6 rally speech where he did not mention Pence. Trump added the attacks on Pence to his speech after Pence refused to cooperate with his plot to void the election. Trump made the intentional decision to incite a mob against Pence and put the life of his own vice president in danger.

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The Committee also released a chilling new video from the crowd:

The inescapable conclusion is that Trump was willing to kill Mike Pence to stay in the White House.


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