5 caravan rental vacations for a safe vacation from pandemics


Following social distancing standards while enjoying a vacation has never been easier. Here are some caravan rental options for you.

The bleak nature of staying home due to the pandemic can affect wandering souls at some point. However, meeting social distancing standards is also a priority right now to ensure the world heals from the COVID-19 disaster faster. A caravan rental vacation is the golden mean for those looking for new travel experiences during these times. From kitchenettes to bathrooms, these caravans have it all on board, so all you need to do is walk around and park them in secluded spots to satiate your travel urge. Here are five caravan rental options to consider.

Wacation on wheels

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WOW! This is not only the best way to describe this service; it is also an abbreviation of its name. It allows you to choose vacation spots anywhere in central, western and northern India. From luxury to barebone, all kinds of caravans are available in their fleet. In fact, the larger one has as many as nine extendable berths. You can pick them up in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bhopal or Indore and drive to your preferred destination. Their links with campsites across India give you guaranteed locations for your tents.

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Trippy wheels


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Trippy Wheels prides itself on providing affordable caravan experiences. And their bespoke vehicles are equipped with everything you would want to make your vacation unforgettable. These include kitchenettes, comfy beds, indoor and outdoor games and much more! Their larger caravan offers sleeping capacity for eight people, which is ideal for those who like to travel in large groups.

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Camping Co.


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If you are looking for a vacation in the North East in your caravan, look no further than Camping Co. They have trucks that you can drive around you in the pristine landscapes of the North East. In addition, these trucks come with tents attached to their roofs, so their installation is not that bad. Starting at just 2,999 per day, Camping Co. vacation options also include additional access to a range of camping facilities spread across the North East region. Experiencing the Seven Sisters has never been easier.

Green Dot Expeditions


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If luxury overland travel is your calling, then Green Dot Expeditions is what you should Google. Their motorhomes can accommodate up to eight people and offer two toilets – one portable and one on board. In addition, their vehicles are also equipped with solar panels to charge your phones and other equipment. The fully equipped kitchenettes are ideal for creating sumptuous meals for all occupants.

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Motorhome adventures


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A wide variety of caravans are offered by Motorhome Adventures, meaning that everything from affordable travel to luxury travel is accessible through the service. The Delhi-based company is known for organizing unique chauffeured, escorted and self-driving tours to remote areas of India, Nepal and Bhutan.


So where do you go for your pandemic safe caravan rental vacation?

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