A £5million visitor center plan for a Welsh castle branded as ‘Disneyesque’


“I don’t expect them to build like the Normans, but I’m sure they could have found something more in keeping with the castle,” Mr Dix said.

He wondered if the Grade I listed castle was treated with the proper reverence.

“You wouldn’t set up a huge visitor center right across from Stonehenge, would you?” People go there for the atmosphere, to imagine what it was like 3,000 years ago,” he said.

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The project also includes the improvement of the paths for accessibility and the conservation works of the historic structures inside the castle. Its great hall will be redecorated in the image of its medieval splendor.

Development work on historic sites, especially ruins, is often carried out in a modern style, as new structures need not be disguised as the original.

In York, English Heritage recently unveiled a huge laminated timber and steel structure built into the Clifford Tower which restores access to the upper walls and roof of the 13th century keep.

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Despite his criticism of the project, Mr. Dix voted in favor of the plans when they were presented to the council’s planning committee. He said he didn’t want to block investment in the city. Cadw was asked to comment.



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