A ‘Genshin Impact’ boat ride you should know for Midsummer Island adventure


Well, I would definitely suggest you tune into Genshin Impact today to see the rather… dramatic changes that the Midsummer Island Adventure map has undergone. After completing part of the opening quest today, you will find that this chain of tiny islands has morphed into a chain of much, much bigger islands, and suddenly there is a lot more to explore.

As such, you will more than ever have to travel by boat between the islands, and I strongly suggest that you use this specific trick while you are circling the boat.

Like you as you race, you also have an endurance bar in your boat that runs out when you accelerate quickly over time. However, there is a way to instantly restore it to keep you at full stamina all the time, essentially.

All you have to do is hold down the jump button to get out of the boat, then immediately jump back into it once you’ve landed. This will completely restore the boat’s stamina and is faster than waiting for your helm to recharge while you slowly navigate the water.

Since there are a lot more places to explore, I think you’ll be using it quite often when hunting down side missions and conch shells. There are also boat races today that have just been uploaded, but I would actually not recommend you to use this method as they are specially designed with boosts and will allow you to race around the world. runs much faster than you normally would. .

I’m rightfully impressed with the amount of work that has been put into this brand new area, and one that looks like it will only be around for about 40 days, depending on the list of events, and the basic concept that it is all about. ‘an endangered chain of islands. it only appears every now and then. Seems like a lot of effort for a little bit of temporary content, but I’m guessing it’s the live service model. It seems like a much meatier update than normal, however, and it brought me back to Genshin after taking a hiatus for about a month before that. There’s just a ton to do and a lot to gain with this new midsummer questline, which is shaping up to be a preview for Inazuma, which will arrive in the next few patches, it seems.

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