A shooting in Washington DC leaves 1 minor dead, several injured including a police officer


In another shooting incident in the United States, several people, including a police officer, were reportedly injured near the site of the Juneteenth music concert in Washington DC. According to the Washington Police Department, one minor is believed to have died, while three others were injured.

Several people were shot during a music event on U Street Northwest in Washington DC. Amazingly, this place is less than 2 miles from the White House. The hunt for the suspect is on, police said. According to a UKTN News report, the Metropolitan Police Department reported that several people, including a police officer, were shot on U Street.

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In the video of the shooting, officers are seen helping several people lying in the road. Police say the shooting incident happened around the time of the Juneteenth music concert in Washington DC. In this case, many people, including a policeman, were shot dead. The injured were taken to hospital.

In the video footage, an atmosphere of chaos is visible on the spot. Police say there was a shooting in the area of ​​14th and U Street. Police are taking retaliatory action. This is not the first such shooting incident in the United States. Recently, many shooting incidents have taken place in different parts of the country.

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Due to the increase in shootings in the United States, President Joe Biden has said that for the safety of women and children, it is necessary to ban the purchase of firearms in the country or to raise the age limit to buy it from 18 to 21 years old. Speaking of June, on the 17th, one person was killed and two others were injured in a shooting at a church in the city of Alabama.

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Earlier this month, shootings in three US cities killed nine people and injured two dozen others.



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