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All recipes from the Hilidream ‘Genshin Impact’ camp to complete the event

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Okay, Genshin Impact has a new live web event, so it’s time to earn some in-game currency for doing nothing. All you have to do is experiment with different materials to try and craft a bunch of items for the Hilichurls in a small camp, and each will earn you prizes that you can use in the game itself.

So here is the list of recipes for the Hilidream Camp event. From left to right, I describe the ingredients below as wood, bucket, bowl, and straw, as I don’t know what they are actually meant to be beyond wood.

The list is as follows, and I think these should be in the correct order for each build as well:

  1. Wood, Bucket, Bowl – Bed
  2. Wood, Straw Bucket – Ladder
  3. Wood, Bowl, Straw – Mounted mask
  4. Bucket, Bowl, Straw – Chimney
  5. Wood, Wood, Bucket – Cabinet
  6. Wood, Wood, Bowl – Stone Table
  7. Wood, Wood, Straw – Screen
  8. Bowl, Bowl, Wood – Stone seat
  9. Bowl, Bowl, Bucket – Lampgrass Lamp
  10. Bowl, Bowl, Straw – Carpet
  11. Bucket, wooden bucket – Elementary decoration
  12. Bucket, bucket, bowl – lantern decoration
  13. Bucket, bucket, straw – Mini Pyrovine
  14. Straw, Straw, Wood – Pot
  15. Straw, straw, bucket – Unusual portrait of Hilichurl

And I think that’s all you need to get maximum prizes ranging from Mora to XP and more. These web events are usually pretty rewarding if you put a small amount of work into them, and this one, all you had to do was find a recipe list and log in for a few days here and there. Not bad.

You can’t do all of this at the same time, so feel free to bookmark it and come back to it once you have more documents. This all serves as a mini preview for the much larger house building system that is about to be introduced in Genshin Impact, where you can build a house for your character stable using a new magic teapot. Believe me, it will make more sense when it goes live and you see how it works.

For now, just practice on some Hilichurls and make them a cute little place to live. It’s the least we can do after killing so many of them, I guess.

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