Almost a third of baby food brands out of stock


The national baby food shortage is not abating, with nearly a third of brands out of stock, according to a report.

Figures released Friday for the week ending July 24 showed an out-of-stock rate of 30%, slightly lower than the 32% the week before, the Daily Mail reported.

When the shortage dominated the headlines in late May, it was reported that 23.7% of brands were out of stock.

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The typical sold-out range before the COVID-19 pandemic has fluctuated between 5% and 7%.

The Biden administration has brought in baby food from abroad as part of Operation Fly Formula, with the number of imported 8-ounce bottle equivalents reaching some 61 million on July 24.

But a Virginia family said they are still struggling to find the special formula needed for their 2-year-old daughter.

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Nearly a third of baby food brands are sold out.
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baby formula
The Biden administration has attempted to import baby food from abroad.
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“Our situation has not changed at all,” mother Jillian Arroyo told a local television station. “We still give our child an expired formula because that’s what we have.”

The shortage, which began during the pandemic, worsened after manufacturer Abbott closed a plant in Michigan due to potentially contaminated formula. The factory reopened in June, but was closed due to flooding and reopened in July.

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