Andy Cohen says UKTN’s alcohol ban won’t cause him to drop his drinking glass


Andy Cohen still plans to get “plastered” on UKTN’s New Year’s Eve special, despite a report detailing how the network would ban correspondents and hosts from drinking on air.

Cohen, who has co-hosted UKTN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” program with Anderson Cooper since 2017, revealed his drunken plans to Yahoo! Life on Thursday.

The New Year’s Eve program has spawned some viral moments that include drunken anchors Cohen’s roast from former New York mayor Bill de Blasio and the “broken” exchange between Don Lemon and comedian Dulcé Sloan.

Cohen told Yahoo! The life he believes New Year’s Eve is a night to go hard and he vowed to do so this year.

“I think part of the ‘play at home’ factor of New Year’s Eve is, I think people enjoy watching me try and cast Anderson, and I will be,” Cohen said.

Cohen, in response to the Variety report, also told his “Watch What Happens Live” audience this week that he had vowed to “party harder” on the program with Cooper.

You can watch an excerpt of his comments below.



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