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Anthony Bourdain’s new posthumous book: what he loved most about 5 American cities

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For fans of the bestselling author, chef, globetrotter and award-winning TV personality Anthony Bourdain, who died in 2018, his latest book – World Travel: an irreverent guide – was released this month (by Ecco, a brand of HarperCollins), with illustrations by Wesley Allsbrook.

Co-author Laurie Woolever, his dedicated assistant and ten-year-old friend, deserves a lot of applause for following Bourdain’s brainstorming and delivering a manuscript of many of his best travel tips and tricks, ideas and stories. What to do, how to eat, where to sleep, why go out there is important – in destinations as far away as Argentina to Vietnam, Australia to Tanzania.

While dozens of international countries have brightened Bourdain’s interest (and are recommended in this book), American cities have also touched a place in his heart.

Never straightforward, Bourdain readily shared his travel passions as well as his nonsense, his oh-yeses and his yikes. This flurry of views is what made Bourdain admired and loved. Carefully organized, travel the world feels like a gargantuan dining table with large, crammed platters and plentiful little bowls, an assortment of tasty food to snack on. (The clickable links in the subheads and text of this article are my additions.)

Here quotes inside travel the world it reminds us why Bourdain is still missing.

“The South is not a monolith. There are pockets of weirdness, awesomeness, and then there’s Charleston, where for quite some time now important things have been going on with food, a lot of it has to do with this guy. [Sean Brock]. “

“It took me a little while to discover the fierce intellect, the curious nature, the unique and determined talent of man. [Sean Brock] – without a doubt, one of the most important chefs in America. A guy who is redefining not only what southern cuisine is, was and can be, but American cuisine as a whole. “

“Chicago never needs to compete with another city. Other places must measure up he. It’s big, it’s extroverted, it’s tough, it’s smart, and everyone has a story. It’s one of the most impressive cities in the world … it’s one cultural Mount Everest after another. It is the city without an inferiority complex. ”

“Well done, you drag your sleeping ass to the airport, chin coated in the grease of an Italian beef sandwich, belching mustard from last night’s hot red, vaguely trying to remind yourself of who you owe apologize for your previous misadventures. Oh, Chicago, you are indeed a wonderful and wonderful city.

“Some people have to live in large spaces, where the sky is eternal. Where everyone has to bow to the earth. Where to hunt, fish, sleep under this great sky are not activities, but a way of life. The next time you turn off a news cycle filled with howling bobbleheads convinced America is falling into a silly hell, questioning the greatness of your nation: maybe you should come here. Here is your majesty of the purple mountains. This is the landscape for which generations of dreamers, despots, adventurers, explorers, crackpots and heroes fought and died. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is no place like this: Montana.

“I love it here. I love palm trees, malls, the Pacific Ocean, all that quirky stuff straight out of a million movies. “

“I am very loyal and excited about the few hotels in the world that I really love, and I love no hotel more than Chateau Marmont. It’s classic; has been since 1929, has survived five major earthquakes, as well as guests like Jim Morrison, John Belushi, Hunter S. Thompson. Check-in, some departures. The main hotel is legendary, dark, comfortable. It’s informal. You feel like you are staying with a weird uncle. As a rule, anyone can enter here, as long as you behave by some undefined rules: you don’t know who you can or cannot see here. You certainly don’t take pictures and you don’t act like an asshole. You will be treated the same as the famous guy at the next table. Welcome to my happy place. “

“There is nothing like the North Atlantic. It is majestic. I like the beach. Pretty much had my first while on a beach. You name it, the first time I did this, the beach. I was unhappy in love, happy in alternating love, as only a seventeen-year-old could be. This is where I had a very happy summer in the early 1970s. It’s an amazing place if you think about it, a bunch of knuckleheads working as dishwashers and waiters and pizza servers; we could live on a beach like this … ”

“Provincetown, a wonderland of tolerance, a long-standing tradition of accepting artists, writers, the ill-bred, gays, the different. It was paradise. The joy that can only come with absolute certainty that you are invincible.


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