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Anti-Buhari graffiti: public resentment over APC mismanagement – UKTN

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Former Ogun State Finance Commissioner Adewale Oshinowo challenged Governor Dapo Abiodun to tell the truth about the 58.4 billion naira debt, which appeared to have been incurred in the 18 months following its administration.

DAILY POST reports that the latest report released by the Debt Management Office (DMO) showed that Ogun State’s domestic debt profile had risen from 95 billion naira in June 2019 to over 153 billion naira. nairas in December 2020.

However, in a reaction, Governor Abiodun refused on Monday to borrow 58 billion naira in 18 months.

He accused the government of former Governor Ibikunle Amosun of failing to disclose N50 billion of unpaid pensions, gratuities and unpaid staff salaries, which he said were added to the debt profile to arrive at the billion naira released by the DMO.

Reacting in a statement, former finance commissioner Oshinowo said the previous government was unwilling to join in the problems with the current administration of Ogun state.

However, he said, “The state government, in its wisdom, has chosen to call us with its tons of lies and misinformation carelessly designed to cover up the issues and concerns raised by the Office of Management. debt (DMO) in the newly released debt data. Figures from 36 Federation and CTF states, where figures showed Ogun State’s debt skyrocketing at a time when there was general consensus that nothing is on the ground to justify a also huge debt.

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According to him, “The claims of the Ogun State government on the issue of its debt profile are deliberate lies. The alibi offered by the Ogun State government in response to the DMO report is an inconvenient laughable herring over financial illiteracy and calculated mischief.

“These were lies rejected to cover up inexplicable shortcomings.”

“For the record, and in particular for the benefit of our people and posterity, we make it clear that we did not owe or leave any responsibility unaccounted for in our end of term and transfer report. We said that a lot and laid out the numbers in an earlier post on September 28, 2020, made in response to the Ogun State government’s demands for a general workers’ strike.

“It seems that the Dapo Abiodun administration has a penchant for wishing to ward off problems and crises by simply hanging them around the neck of the past administration. As we say in popular jargon, things never work or get resolved, ”said the former commissioner.

Oshinowo argued that “the Ogun State government should be sincere and factual in telling the good people of Ogun State the truth about the N 58.4 billion difference between June 2019 after we left and December 2020 and the amount of debt it has accumulated during the period. in the study.”

He urged the people of Ogun to “wait for the DMO numbers by June 2021 and December 2021, when all the lies and manipulations of the current administration are further exposed.”

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Our position, as contained in a publication drafted by Mr. Tokunbo Talabi, Secretary of the State Government dated Thursday, September 17, 2020, the registers, notes and accounts detailed in our end of mandate report have been validated in paragraph 1.1 of the publication. In addition, the same records were entered in the Ogun State Government’s reports to the DMO, with the exception of the two columns on arrears of pensions and gratuities, and arrears of wages and other claims. Deliberately, and for the purpose of serving, these two leaders contained deceptive records and misleading returns.

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For clarification, our Administration cleared 18 months of arrears of deductions and 3 months of unpaid wages owed by the Administration to which we succeeded. For other agencies and higher education institutions, we have cleared several months of arrears, in some cases two years and more.

”Similarly, we paid all salaries, pensions and other emoluments between May 29, 2011 and May 29, 2019. The records also show that the verifiable gratuity arrears we owed amounted to 22.48 billion naira, of which 10.8 billion naira was paid to the current administration in the first week of July 2019. At the time of aligning these figures, the net unpaid liability on tips left by our administration was less than 12 billion naira. With the exception of the two polled columns, our figures are consistent with the Ogun State Government accounts as contained in its publication under Reference and with the DMO figures.

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“With all due respect, we invite the current administration to say how much it has paid in tips since taking office and, more importantly, how much it has accumulated. If, for example, DMO records show the Ogun State government already owed N10,839 in salary arrears as of December 2020, it remains to be seen what the numbers will climb to in December 2021.

“The OGD’s mandate generally covers and accounts for institutional debts and long-term structured loans (between 10 and 20 years) non-operational and current obligations such as salaries, pensions and gratuities. We are curious about the real intentions of the Ogun State Government in this attempt to transfer these routine obligations to DMO. Did they deliberately accumulate a stock of debt to pave the way for more liabilities? Time will tell us.

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“For us, we maintain our figures as they appear in our transfer notes and our end-of-term report. We don’t want Ogun’s stakeholders and the general public to be misled or fed cruel lies by an administration that is internally and externally deficient in governance and ideas.

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