Archana Puran Singh reveals she was asked to laugh while filming Comedy Circus after her mother-in-law passed away


Archana Puran Singh, who is well known for her distinctive laugh, has participated in several reality comedies. Archana will continue to be seen on TV as a co-judge on comedy competition show India’s Laughter Champion, although The Kapil Sharma Show, in which she featured as a special guest, took a short hiatus . Additionally, Archana served as a judge on the long-running comedy competition program Comedy Circus.

Archana recently admitted that while filming Comedy Circus, she went through some of the toughest times but had to suppress her grief to keep the show going. Having to record her laugh for the show soon after learning the law from her stepmother was distressing, said Archana, who is married to Parmeet Sethi.

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She revealed to ETimes that she was very close to my mother-in-law, who was sick when Archana arrived on set and died mid-episode. After receiving a call, she informed the production company that I had to leave. She was asked to deliver the reactions and leave by the producing company. She made generic remarks and received laughs in response. She claims she still has a hard time forgetting that while she was sitting there, laughing nonstop, her mind was completely blank. Her stepmother was all she could think of. It was a difficult time.

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Archana recalled that on another occasion, although she was “very worried” after her son, who was 13 at the time, injured his leg while playing football in England and had to be taken to India, she had to laugh and smile at the participants. performance. She explained that obviously, as a mother, she wouldn’t want to laugh and smile, but she had to when the contestants performed. She was crying inside but not letting it show on her face. She concludes by saying that we are disciplined, well-trained and well-paid artists who will give our all, no matter the situation.

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