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As Republicans push to limit voting, disagreements over strategy emerge

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In Arizona, Mr. Kavanagh, chairman of the state House of Representatives committee, noted that the Republicans’ bill to allow the legislature to overturn certified presidential election results does not had never even been assigned to a committee.

The proposed measure to repeal the permanent early voting list has also not been proposed, allowing more than three million voters in Arizona to vote.

Mr Kavanagh said the list was “extremely popular with Democrats, Republicans and Independents” and therefore made no sense to remove.

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Most proposals like these – inspired by a disinformation campaign by Mr. Trump and allies like Rudolph W. Giuliani, who pressured Republican lawmakers to interfere with their state’s certification process – died, not only in Florida and Arizona, but also in other states like Georgia. , where Republicans sparked a nationwide outcry over voting rights. “But that part was never written or was rarely covered in the newspapers,” Kavanagh said.

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This year in Florida, lawmakers introduced legislation to ban drop boxes, limit the number of people who can collect ballots for other voters, and restrict access to people in polling lines, between other provisions. The proposals met with swift and vigorous opposition from county election supervisors, perhaps none whose views carried more weight than D. Alan Hays of Lake County. Mr Hays, a conservative Republican who previously served in the state Senate for 12 years, told his former colleagues at a legislative hearing last month that their bill was a “travesty.”

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“In my role as election supervisor, I focus on politics,” he said in an interview. “I don’t pay attention to the party. If it’s a good idea, we have to give it every chance to succeed. And if it’s a bad idea, we need to do everything in our power to prevent it from happening. “

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He and other supervisors have worked by phone and email to explain to lawmakers the nuances of how elections are run and why some of their arrangements would be unworkable. This month, after the controversy over Georgia’s new voting law, the Florida House softened its version of the voting bill; the proposal that was ultimately rejected by the state Senate committee on Tuesday did not include some of the original more stringent provisions, such as a ban on drop boxes (whose availability is still limited).

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