Atari’s ‘Caverns Of Mars: Recharged’ is coming to PC and consoles in 2023


After the success of modern reimaginings of Break out, The Revenge of Yarsand half a dozen other classic IPs from its renowned collection of arcade hits, Atari has the next addition to its impressive Atari charged series: Caves of Mars.

Caves of Mars: Charged is based on the vertically scrolling shooter designed and programmed by Greg Christiansen in 1981, and this new take on the 40-year-old game once again drops players deeper and deeper into the subterranean landscape of the red planet, vanquishing huge numbers of enemies while carefully save ammunition and fuel.

Landing on PC, consoles, Nintendo Switch and Atari VCS later this year, Caves of Mars: Charged is perhaps the fastest entry in SneakyBox’s developer Charged series, combining quick reactions and careful planning in a different multi-mode experience. Based on the success of its predecessors, its $10 budget price, and its trailer, it could well be a safe bet for arcade gaming fans.

Caves of Mars: Charged promises features including:

  • Arcade mode allows you to probe the depths of Mars in three stages, strategically choosing your upgrades to make each run reflect your playstyle;
  • As with all fellow human beings Charged games, the real test promises to come true challenge modes 30 bite-sized tests that push players’ navigation and combat skills through countless scenarios;
  • Powerups will help you change your strategy, including railguns and shotguns;
  • Fully destructible terrain allows players to blast through obstacles, but at the cost of fuel reserves, which run out with each shot, but time bonuses are on the line for faster runs;
  • Local co-op mode means players can work together in a unique way, with one partner assigned to navigation while the other player shoots down the drone;
  • Global leaderboards let players compete again for points or speed; and
  • A Original soundtrack is specially made for it Caves of Mars: Charged by award-winning artist and composer Megan McDuffee (Missile Command: Charged, River City girls, Apex Legends mobile).

“Caverns of Mars is a great early example of a game designed for Atari’s 8-bit computers, making it a perfect addition to the Atari Recharged series,” said Wade Rosen, CEO of Atari. “It’s an intensely fun arcade-style experience in both single-player and two-player co-op.”

If you can’t wait to try it out but don’t want to wait until later in the year, Caves of Mars: Chargedplus two unannounced Atari titles, will be showcased at GDC 2023 in San Francisco in late March.

It’s been a busy time for Atari these past few months. After releasing Atari 50: The Birthday Celebration and basically sets a whole new bar for historical compilation games, it will be released soon Arra Akkh, an all-new take on a psychedelic new-wave shooter created by industry legend Jeff Minter.



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