Bank of England and UK Parliament get ‘Bitcoin fixes this’ treatment


A crypto user appears to oppose the current monetary policy of the Bank of England, or BoE, and expresses his frustration with a laser projector.

Reported by Twitter user Dominic Frisby, an unknown person projected “Bitcoin fixes this” and other messages on the outside walls of the BoE and the UK Parliament on Saturday. The message appeared under Big Ben as well as on the front of the central bank surrounded by a red box with the artist’s hallmark, and the photo has already been turned into a non-fungible token.

Many financial institutions around the world have struggled to adjust amid the restrictions and economic uncertainty brought on by the pandemic since March 2020. The BoE has since bought billions of government bonds and government debt. ‘business.

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It is not known why the anonymous Bitcoiner chose to project the message at this particular time. The BoE recently listed seven vacancies related to a central bank digital currency, or CBDC, and will establish a task force to study its deployment in the UK market in collaboration with Parliament. However, it seems that at least one person is not happy with the direction of monetary policy in the UK.

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