Black pastor whips Christian ‘political whores’ for Trump at Southern Baptist convention


A black pastor accused some Baptists of “losing their minds” when Barack Obama became president, and they were eager to become “political whores with it all”. [Donald] Trump stuff.

The stark verdict was delivered by the public at last week’s annual Southern Baptist convention in Anaheim, Calif., by Minister Kevin Smith, former executive director of the Maryland-Delaware Baptist Convention.

“I think some Southern Baptists lost their minds when a black man was elected president.. Not all of them, but some,” Smith told the crowd (see video below at 0:33).

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“I think some Southern Baptists didn’t like black people starting in 2012 with the killing of Trayvon Martin,” he added, referring to the black teenager who was shot and killed in Florida as he walked. was walking in a neighborhood.

“I don’t mean agree on politics or politics…I just mean give a kerchief that someone else hurts who is supposed to be your brother or sister in Christ,” Smith said. “And I think some Southern Baptists just leaned in and became political whores with this whole Trump thing.”

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There was reportedly no immediate “reprimand” from the crowd, even as Smith began garnering praise on Twitter.



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