Body of Colombian DJ found in suitcase, police say she was strangled


The body of Valentina Trespalacios was spotted by a resident in Colombia’s capital.

The body of a 23-year-old disc jockey (DJ) has been found in a suitcase that was left behind in a garbage container in Colombia. 7News. Colombian police said her body was found on Jan. 22 in a suitcase in the capital Bogota. The DJ, Valentina Trespalacios, has nearly 16,000 followers on Instagram. Her boyfriend, identified by police as John Poulos of Texas, has been missing since her body was found, the outlet went on to say.

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An autopsy was performed after which the doctors found a deep groove in her neck, 7News said further in his report. Police suspect the woman was strangled.

Police are looking for Ms. Trespalacios’ boyfriend, who they believe traveled from the US to propose to her. He had been dating her for a year, police said.

Poulos also deleted his social media accounts.

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Mrs. Trespalacios’ body was discovered by a man who saw the suitcase in the dumpster. The man was shocked after opening the suitcase and alerted the police, 7News said.

Subway said the forensic team also discovered items that belonged to the DJ who had been dumped next to it. These include a student card from Uninpahu University, where she reportedly studied commerce and global business technology.

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“We are working with security cameras in the area to identify the alleged perpetrators,” police lieutenant colonel Camilo Torres told local media. Subway report.

The outlet also said she went to a party with Poulos.

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