Bouviers: ‘IPOB will go after all terrorists’ – Nnamdi Kanu responds to Miyetti Allah threat – UKTN


Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the indigenous peoples of Biafra, IPOB, reacted to the threat from the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, MACBAN, to avenge the deaths of shepherds in Anambra state.

Kanu warned that the IPOB would target all the terrorist Fulani shepherd killers in the southeast.

MACBAN National Secretary, Engr. Saleh Alhassan, had declared that Kanu and the members of the IPOB would pay dearly for the murder of fifty shepherds recently in the south-east.

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However, the leader of the IPOB said that the implementation of such a threat would be the last of the shepherds in the southeast.

In a terse statement, Kanu said: “We will avenge the death of every shepherd killed in the south-east by Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB – Miyetti Allah

“Miyetti Allah, listen to this: IPOB are not governors of the South East that you can threaten and get away with. We are the same IPOB that cut the #Zoo.

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“We are looking for every killer shepherd. We are after you, Fulani terrorists and assassins disguised as shepherds.

“If you implement this your THREAT, it will be your last. We no longer believe in turning the other cheek, now it’s blood for blood and you will lose.

Bouviers: “ IPOB will attack all terrorists ” – Nnamdi Kanu responds to threat from Miyetti Allah


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