Brahmastra: Amid Kangana Ranaut’s Attack on Box Office Collections, Ranbir Kapoor Opens the Film’s Budget


Ranbir Kapoor has broken the silence on the budget and economy of his latest fantasy adventure Brahmastra Part One: Shiva. The actor even responded to the reports that the film was being made on a generous budget of over Rs 400 crores. Brahmastra has kicked the Astraverse, and it will be followed by two more episodes. Since the film’s release, there has been a curiosity about the film’s budget and recovery among netizens. Even actress Kangana Ranaut mocked the movie collections and even wondered how a movie can be called a hit when it costs Rs 650 crores.

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Now Ranbir has opened up the budget and added that Brahmastra is ‘unique’ as they wrote down the budget for the trilogy. Speaking with Dainik Bhaskar, Ranbir added: “Nowadays we read a lot where people are discussing the budget of the film. People say this is the budget and this is the recovery. But Brahmastra is unique because the budget is not just for one movie, but for the whole trilogy.”

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Kapoor added that they will be using the assets throughout the trilogy. They have their presets that will be helpful in part two and part three. “The assets we created for the film, such as the fire VFX or effects for other superpowers, will be used in three films.” Ranbir dismissed the discussed economy, adding: “So it’s not that the numbers floating around, whether it’s one hundred rupees or two hundred rupees, are correct. It’s all wrong. The economy of this movie is not like the economy from other films made in our industry.” Ranbir stated that they can easily enter part two and part three. “In part 1, Ayan (Mukerji, director) had to learn how to make these kinds of films,” concluded Kapoor.

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