Buhari orders police salary review – UKTN


President Muhammadu Buhari said Thursday that he had issued guidelines for the upward revision of police salaries and benefits.

The president made this known by delivering a speech on Thursday during a one-day visit to Lagos State, where he inaugurated various projects.

“We are currently recruiting 10,000 new police officers to build staff capacity across the country

“In addition, I have also called on the National Wages, Incomes and Wages Commission to conduct an upward review of police wages and benefits.”

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Buhari also congratulated the leaders of the Force for their efforts, for the reforms implemented in the area of ​​police pensions.

Minimum wage: Buhari approves payment of upward adjustment to retirees
“I have instructed the Inspector General of Police to make every effort to restore the morale of his officers and men.”

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President Buhari added that no government since 1999 has been as committed as its administration to reforming and repositioning the Nigerian police force and the national police architecture.


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