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Carragher calls Neville ’embarrassing’ in heated debate between Alexander and Arnold

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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville exchanged passionate views on Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold on Monday Night Football.

Pundits were discussing England’s right-back dilemma ahead of the Everton v Crystal Palace game earlier on Monday. And things got very busy when the situation around Alexander-Arnold a recent omission from the team arose.

The Reds star was not included in most recent Gareth Southgate team. This raised major doubts about his place in the next Euros.

Neville began by discussing all of the potential options for England in the post. He looked at stats from Alexander-Arnold, Kyle Walker, Kieran Trippier, Reece James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

He concluded: “From Carragher saying that basically nobody wanted to become a Gary Neville, we’ve come a long way. We have hundreds of them here!

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“We have five right-backs and Gareth Southgate is in a position where it’s unbelievable. We have so many talented right-backs to choose from. I can see the riddle and the challenges of Southgate. “

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Carragher was then asked if he would select Alexander-Arnold for the England squad.

He replied, “Yes. He’s a unique talent. He’s not the same as any other full-back. Most of the full-backs, even the attackers, the bigger ones who come forward… it’s up and down in a straight line.

“He’s a playmaker. I said Kevin De Bruyne played right-back. This is what it is. He is different.”

But as the debate continued, Neville delivered his verdict on why Southgate seems reluctant to start the Liverpool man.

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The case of Trent

He explained: “I think to myself: who is going to play England? Germany. Belgium. France. Portugal.

“Who is he going to play against?” Risk. Mbappe. Healthy. Jota. Ronaldo.

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“Who do they want to play against? James, Walker or Trent? They’ll say, ‘I’m going to let Trent go ahead, he’ll leave some space behind me. I’ll have Trent ‘. “

Carragher stepped in and said, “Well, you’re arguing he’s wrong. Would you not take it?

Neville began, “No, personally I would take it …”

Carragher then added: “Wait, you just made the biggest deal I’ve ever heard in my life about why he didn’t want to leave and why Gareth Southgate didn’t choose him!

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Neville replied, “Did you listen to the question I was asked? I was asked the question why Gareth wouldn’t take it – so I’m answering that question!

And Carragher retaliated: “Would you take Trippier in front of him?” I ask you. You are a right back!

Forward and backward

The duo continued their argument, Neville adding, “Let me finish answering the first question!”

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Carragher replied, “We may not have time. What would you do? Forget Gareth Southgate. “

Neville: “My point is, I think, if he’s playing Mbappe, Hazard, Sane, Ronaldo or Jota in the semifinals of a tournament this summer – who does Gareth Southgate want on this pitch?”

Carragher: “Who wants Gary Neville?”

Neville: “I was asked another question, give me a break!”

Carragher: “Oh honestly …”

Neville: “I think the reason he won’t take him is because he’s here to win a tournament – he’ll trust players like Walker, Trippier in a three-way back or with a winger , maybe James because he has more power and strength to handle a Mbappe or a Ronaldo. I don’t think he will take it.

Carragher: “If you pick Kieran Trippier over Trent Alexander-Arnold, it’s embarrassing.”

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