Celebrate this Republic Day with ClassAct 2023 – The UK Time News Quiz


The record success of ClassAct 2022, the UK Time News Republic Day Quiz, inspired HT School to come back this year with the second edition of this major national level online school quiz.

As we commemorate the 74th Republic Day on January 26th, HT School will hold the Prelims round of ClassAct 2023-The UK Time News Republic Day Quiz, allowing budding quizzers from grades 1 to 12 from across the country to bask in the spotlight of quizzes and become part of a journey worth remembering. The icing on the cake is the price.

There are Amazon vouchers worth 1.25 lakh up for grabs. All participants also receive participation certificates. Registrations for this online quiz have already started and will continue until midnight on January 25th. Interested candidates can register for free on the official website.

ClassAct 2023-The UK Time News Republic Day Quiz is a great opportunity for aspiring quizzers to assess and improve their general knowledge skills while matching their wits with their peers from across the country. The quiz will be held in two rounds: Prelims scheduled for January 26 and Finals to be held on February 5. While anyone who has registered can participate in the Prelims, the top 100 scorers from this round can participate in the Final. All finalists will win Amazon gift cards. Likewise, the top 10 scorers from classes 1 to 5 will be awarded with exciting Amazon vouchers after the Prelims.

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The Prelims run asynchronously, sending the quiz link to the participants’ registered email addresses. It will only be active for a certain period of time when they have to submit their answers. Both speed and accuracy are the deciding factors behind the scores. This round challenges the contestants with 50 questions, including multiple choice and type-in ​​options.

The Finale, on the other hand, will be held live via Zoom and will be hosted by two of India’s foremost quiz masters, Dr. Navin Jayakumar and Avinash Mudaliar. Dr. Jayakumar is an Ophthalmologist by profession and was recently elected President of the Indian Neuro-Ophthalmologist Society. A quiz master by passion, he is the founder of The Quiz Foundation of India. Dr. Jayakumar has been the quiz master for well-known national level quizzes such as the Landmark Quiz, the Murugappa Madras Quotient School Quiz and the Rotary Galaxy Science and Technology Quiz to name a few. He also hosted ClassAct 2022, The UK Time News Republic Day Quiz. Mr. Mudaliar was the quizmaster for the Power of Ideas Print Quiz, Airtel Quiz-o-Mania, Airtel’s techQ and the NTPC Electron Quiz to name a few. He has also organized quizzes for major companies and prestigious institutions. He also co-hosted the first edition of RDQ along with Dr. Jayakumar.

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Dr. Jayakumar shared his insights on ClassAct 2023 and said, “I am looking forward to hosting this year’s Republic Day quiz. Looking back at last year’s record attendance, I expect that the sheer enthusiasm of the students will even break last year’s record.’ second edition of ClassAct. Quizzing serves as a brain workout and it is encouraging to see the new generation taking it up. I look forward to interacting with the participants and hope that we will have an exciting competition.”

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The Final will be broadcast live on HT School’s official YouTube channel and the winners will be selected purely on the basis of their performance.

ClassAct 2023 will be an exciting brain battle, challenging students to improve their quiz skills while dominating the buzzer. It will be a generic quiz covering everything from current affairs, science and technology, history and geography, literature, culture and tradition, food, sports, festivals and general tidbits from around the world.

The previous edition of ClassAct witnessed huge registration numbers in the Prelims round of 50,611 students from 32 countries on 5 continents. It also created records with 19,625 participants taking part in this round. For this great achievement, it was named the world record holder for maximum participation in an online school quiz by the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records.

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