‘Cockapoo ate my mother’s hearing aid and a replacement costs £2k’


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Dear Katie,

My 96-year-old mother still manages to live independently. However, like the late Queen, she has limited mobility. I took her to the local Boots and she was diagnosed with age related hearing loss. She bought two hearing aids for £2,600.

Unfortunately she lost one. We think my one-year-old cockapoo, Roger, was the culprit. My pet and household insurance does not pay out. Boots wants £2,345 for a single replacement, which seems excessive.

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– MB, Lincoln

Dear reader,

I can understand why this felt excessive, but the initial cost of the hearing aids wasn’t just for the devices. It also included assembly, service and maintenance.

In addition, Boots said pairs of hearing aids were heavily discounted compared to buying single. That’s just the pricing model. So I’m afraid Boots isn’t willing to lower the price.

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Your mother would have offered insurance when she bought the hearing aids, but she declined. As young Roger snooped around, this proved to be a costly mistake. Maybe this is something to keep in mind for next time.



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