Cockroaches found in food, 2 cafeterias sealed in Pak Parliament: report


Lawmakers complained that cockroaches were found in the food. (Representational)


Authorities have sealed two cafeterias in Pakistan’s parliament building after lawmakers complained that cockroaches had been found in the food served to them, a media report said.

Islamabad district administration officials have raided the two cafeterias in Parliament House following a spate of complaints from lawmakers about unsanitary conditions, according to a Samaa Television report on Saturday.

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Lawmakers also complained that cockroaches were found in the food served to them, it said.

Upon inspection, they found pests in the dining area and unsanitary conditions in the kitchen, after which the property was sealed, the report said.

Many of the lawmakers said they had stopped ordering meals from these cafeterias because of their appalling sanitary conditions.

Such incidents are not uncommon in Parliament House cafeterias.

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In one of these cafeterias, a cockroach was found in a ketchup bottle in 2014.

In 2019, lawmakers protested the quality of the food served in these cafeterias and the numerous regulatory violations related to cleanliness standards, the report added.

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