Colorado: Five dead in nightclub shooting



Five dead in US nightclub shooting

People in the US city of Colorado Springs want to go out and party. But then shots are fired. The night ends in death and terror.

Five people were killed and 18 injured in a shooting at a nightclub in the US city of Colorado Springs. This was announced by the police on Sunday night (local time) at a press conference in the state of Colorado. A suspicious person was caught by the police in the club and is in custody. The investigation into the motive for the crime is still ongoing. Further details were not initially known.

According to media reports, it is a club for gays and lesbians. On the Facebook page, Club Q, where the incident is said to have taken place, invites people to drag shows, events on transgender issues and karaoke, among other things.

The police were initially unable to say how many people were in the club at the time of the crime. The injured were taken to nearby hospitals.

Videos circulating on the internet showed numerous police cars with flashing lights during an operation. (dpa)


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