Conflicting reports on Sasha Banks, WWE release legal deal not finalized


During his appearance on TSN Sunday Night’s Main Event, Dave Meltzer spoke about the Sasha Banks rumors. Meltzer said the last thing he heard was that they were still in talks about her release and that it wouldn’t shock him if she got her release this week.

This contradicts some previous reports that said she was released last week. But anyway, it seems that she will not return to the ring.

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Meltzer said: “As far as I know, the only thing I’ve been told is that they’re negotiating it right now. I don’t know if the negotiation is final. I know it has been written (in the media) that this is the case. Last time I asked was two days ago, it wasn’t definitive but it wouldn’t shock me if it happened this week. That’s how it was described to me a few days ago. Where is it now, I don’t know.

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Meltzer said he wouldn’t be surprised if there was something included in the deal where the two sides didn’t say anything negative about the other.

Banks is still listed on the listing page. PWInsider noted that a few days ago she was still internally on the list. So while it looks like she’s done with the company, it technically looks like she’s still under contract until the final deal is signed by both parties.

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