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Corey Graves on Michael Cole sloppy call of finish Bianca Belair-Sasha Banks at WWE WrestleMania 37 | UKTN

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Corey Graves gave his thoughts on WrestleMania 37 last week on his “After The Bell” podcast.

Graves said he was very impressed with Bad Bunny’s debut at WrestleMania:

“I liked everything about the vibe that Bunny brought. The world could see that it wasn’t just your standard, feel good, celebrity appearance at WrestleMania. He’s a guy who likes it. Yes, he made his fortune in music. The guy is in the commercials. It’s funny when you put it in perspective. This guy that just got backstage and he joined the crew, and then you see him in beer commercials and you hear him on the radio. You almost forget how great he is. But, Bunny, congratulate him for going out of his way to respect our business. The guy loves it. The guy put in time, put in work and did the opposite of humiliating himself like so many people have. He didn’t humiliate anyone he was in the ring with. It was a fun and awesome WrestleMania-caliber show. I understand that there are hardcore fans out there who want good games. We have also given you some of them. But, as far as the sheer spectacle of WrestleMania, the pop culture entertainment, that, for me, I think won all weekend.

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Graves explained Michael Cole’s “Sloppy Call” during the Sasha Banks – Bianca Belair game. Cole called him as if Banks had sent off when it was actually the end of the game. Graves said the following:

“I have to address the elephant in the room. In the twilight after WrestleMania, everyone was mad at our good friend Michael Cole. Cole is the consummate pro. He has been doing this for 25 years. If there’s anyone who’s truly steadfast, it’s Cole. Cole felt bad. He felt bad, but I can understand. I almost thought the same. From our perspective, it wasn’t crystal clear. Now you take it into account, and I can’t find any excuses, because that was what it was. For me, that didn’t take anything away from this incredible moment. It was the reality. ‘It’s finish. No it is not. Oh yes it is. ‘

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It was a very genuine and real reaction. But, take into consideration, yes, we have the monitor. Yes, we have audio in our headphones. We are also in a stadium of 20 to a few thousand people. In any wrestling book you’ve ever read, “Being in a stadium is very different from an arena because it takes a second. The sound has to go and come back before anything can really register. So all of these factors come into play. I myself was not sure. Hey, this is the main event of WrestleMania. People have kicked each other’s finishers out 35 times tonight. Why wouldn’t it be different?

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