Cracking Destiny 2’s Code Weird Orb Change


Yesterday Destiny 2 had its first TWAB of 2022 which announced big changes, like the ability to change the elemental affinity of Masterworked armor for less, and a path where XP will allow players to unlock all seasonal mods with enough playing time.

But one change was… a little weird, and mostly bad, it seemed.

This was a change to how orb generation works in Destiny 2. At the moment you master a weapon, it generates orbs on multikills, giving you super energy or activating “charged light” mods on your armor . Now that is changing. Generation Orb will now be a slotted helmet mod for a particular elemental weapon type.

The problem this solves is that now Exotics without catalysts will be able to generate orbs, but what problems does this create?

  • Masterwork weapons now have no perks except for a minor stat boost.
  • These helmet slots can now no longer be used by targeting or seeking mods, presumably.
  • At most, you can probably have two elemental weapon types that generate orbs, which causes problems for the matchplay modifier if you want 3 elemental types. Really, there are five types of weapons that need mods for orb generation now, Solar, Void, Arc, Stasis, and Kinetic, and every time you change weapons you need to change mods. Heavy.

As such, players pushed back on this, but there seems to be something Bungie isn’t telling us, something that may make this sacrifice worth it. Destiny game director Joe Blackburn retweeted content creator Kujay’s tweet about the situation:

This retweet appears to be an endorsement of the “release perks” idea, and sandbox maintainer Kevin Yanes retweeted another user who quoted something Bungie wrote in an old TWAB:

So the idea here is that if weapons no longer generate orbs and that task is given to armor, then there’s a new slot freed up for… something. Another perk option, perhaps, but reading this TWAB entry, I’m guessing it may be an intrinsic perk based on the foundry/loot source each weapon will now have. It might even be something you unlock after masterwork, which would be a new reason to do it, if orb generation isn’t a thing anymore.

Bungie has done this a few times before, where they announced a big change that sounds really bad, but later they pair it with another positive change that offsets it, or at least makes it more logical. While I can understand that it’s not all ready to share yet, they kind of keep creating these situations themselves, and quasi-responding to things by retweeting player theories isn’t exactly the best way to clarify the situation.

But the summary of what’s going on here is that there’s some some sort of swapping is happening here, modified orb generation for maybe a whole new ability/mod/intrinsic ability slot in weapons, as is the heavy hint. I’m still not sure if the whole orb of the helmet mod is any good regardless of that but again it’s hard to fully judge until we see the full shape of what comes out of it come. And all we have now are scattered pieces where we have to fill in the blanks.

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