Dad climbs into excavator, swings bucket at Vermont soldiers arresting son, video shows


A 52-year-old father tried to fend off a pair of state troopers arresting his son outside a Vermont home, attacking them with a huge construction machine, Vermont state police say.

Two soldiers responded to a June 15 call about a physical altercation at a home in Woodbury, about 60 miles east of Burlington. A fight had apparently broken out between Brandon Tallman, 24, and his parents, who were also the owners, according to a press release from VSP.

But when soldiers arrested Tallman, his parents intervened, according to police and dashcam video feeds.

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While escorting Tallman to a patrol vehicle, a struggle ensues, with the soldiers wrestling Tallman and his mother to the ground and holding them back, video shows.

Meanwhile, Tallman’s father, Wayne Tallman, approaches in an excavator. He stops the vehicle a short distance away, raises his metal arm skyward and points the bucket at the soldiers, as if threatening to drop it on them.

As one soldier struggles to restrain two people, the other gets up, draws his gun, and orders Wayne Tallman out of the excavator.

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Instead, he closes in on the soldiers and swings him over their heads, forcing them back, the video shows.

The soldier shouting commands moves closer to the excavator cab, now pointing his gun at Wayne Tallman, who sticks his head out of the cab and says something to the soldier before taking control again.

Troopers managed to pull Wayne Tallman out of the shovel and he was arrested for aggravated assault of a protected official, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment and obstruction, police said.

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Brandon Tallman faces charges of aggravated assault, burglary and resisting arrest, police said.

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