Dallas Zoo is asking police to investigate the ‘unusual’ death of an endangered vulture


The Dallas Zoo alerted police to an “unusual” death of an endangered vulture in their habitat in the Wilds of Africa over the weekend, about a week after a clouded leopard escaped through a “suspicious opening.”

“The animal care team is heartbroken at this tremendous loss,” the Dallas Zoo wrote on Twitter Sunday, noting that the “circumstances of the death are unusual” and that it “does not appear to be a natural death.”

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“Given the recent incidents at the zoo, we have alerted the Dallas Police Department.”

The vulture’s death comes after a clouded leopard, Nova, escaped through an opening in her exhibit a week ago. An hours-long search ensued, and the big cat was eventually found unharmed and still on the zoo grounds.

Officials at the time said the opening to Nova’s exhibit was deliberately cut.

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While investigating how Nova escaped, another opening that appeared to have been deliberately cut was found in a langur monkey exhibit. None of the monkeys had escaped the habitat, but police opened a felony report.

The Dallas Zoo said it has placed additional security cameras on the property and increased security patrols at night.

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“We will continue to implement and expand our safety and security measures to the level necessary to keep our animals and staff safe,” the Dallas Zoo said.



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