Dame Patsy Reddy receives Covid-19 vaccine


Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy has received her first vaccine against Covid-19 and says she feels “perfectly fine”.

Lady Patsy Reddy.
Photo: Dom thomas

She and her husband, Sir David Rendel Kingston Gascoigne, received the vaccine in the over 65 category.

“I feel perfectly fine. Actually a little surprised because I didn’t even feel a prick when the needle entered my arm. But I’m very, very happy that I was able to get the vaccine today. hui.

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“David and I were both vaccinated in the over 65 category, but isn’t that wonderful? A wonder of modern science that with such a terrible disease spreading across the world, we have already this vaccine which will protect us. “

Dame Patsy said getting the shot puts her in a better position to keep others safe as she travels often and meets many people.

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“So I encourage others because, you know, we’re not going to be safe until we’re all vaccinated. And the more people who agree to be vaccinated, the better off we will be and the sooner we will come back. which approaches a normal life. “

She said it wasn’t too different to get the flu shot.

“Really lovely [experience], I mean the people here are so nice and very caring. And obviously the nurse, Jamie, who vaccinated me was extremely skilled. So I think they take good care of us and make sure we stay there to make sure we don’t have any reaction. I would say it’s very similar to having a flu shot, and we’ve done it every year for as long as I can remember … so very similar. “

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