Daughter of Convicted 1/6th Defendant Says Trump Deserves Life in Jail


The daughters of convicted 1/6 defendant Guy Reffitt said if their father got more than seven years, Trump would have earned a life in prison.


Reffitt’s daughters told the assembled media outside the courthouse after their father was sentenced to more than seven years for 1/6 related crimes:I think it paints a bigger picture to mark my father as this horrible person and then have him prosecuted this way if someone might even get re-elected. It doesn’t seem right to me.”

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Reffitt’s other daughter said, “Trump deserves life if my father is in prison that long.”

The daughters say Trump was the reason their father attacked the Capitol, and they used the term indoctrination as they spoke to reporters.

Donald Trump uses indoctrination tactics such as repeating his lies and false statements until his supporters accept them as fact. The 1/6 commission has provided evidence that violence was part of Trump’s goal on 1/6. Trump wanted to incite the crowd so that they would attack the Capitol and block the certification of President Biden’s victory.

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The daughters have a valid point. If Trump’s foot soldiers are locked up for years for carrying out his orders, the mastermind behind the plan and the man who instigated the mafia must be locked up for the rest of his life.


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