Delta’s Air Taxis, First Dog Restaurant, 8 loyalty promotions and more


Inside Richard Branson’s Amazing New Caribbean Villa

Sir Richard Branson debuted in 2021 on Moskito Island – his 125-acre Caribbean paradise – with several private estates available to rent. Now the billionaire founder of the Virgin Group has added an insane new Moskito Island villa to his portfolio. The Village Estate is 18,100 square feet with nine bedrooms (enough for 18 guests) and views of Virgin Gorda. But it’s the Branson-esque amenities that are the real draw here. For $19,000 per night, guests have access to a multi-level infinity pool with a swim-up bar, glass-bottom hot tub, and hidden DJ booth rising from the patio.

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Your air taxi is (almost) here

The dream of flying to the airport – to to make your flight – came a little closer this week. Delta Air Lines announced it would invest up to $200 million in California-based electric air taxi company Joby. The investment commits the airline to an exclusive five-year partnership in the US and UK with Joby, whose electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft – or eVTOLs – will operate as part of the Delta network. (United and American have similar deals with competing eVOTL manufacturers.) But don’t book a ride just yet — these air taxis are still a few years away.

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Welcome to America’s First Luxury Dog Restaurant

Does your pet turn his nose up (or worse) at the table scraps he is offered at home? Maybe it’s time to take your four-legged relative out for a good meal. Dogue, a fine dining restaurant for canine patrons, recently opened in San Francisco, which has long been rumored to have more dogs than children. Rahmi Massarweh, a chef trained in classic French cooking, serves nutritious meals, including a rose-shaped cake filled with wild venison heart, goosebump waffles, and, yes, “dogguccinos.” On Sundays, you can really splurge and get a $75 three-course tasting menu, but your pet dines alone. There is no human food at Dogue.

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In yet another sign that the world wants to put the pandemic in its rearview mirror, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will no longer maintain a country-by-country list of Covid-related travel advisories. Beginning later this month, the CDC will issue Covid travel warnings only under these circumstances.

8 Loyalty Promotions You Can’t Miss This Fall

Loyalty program promotions in the fall offer extra nights and other benefits to help travelers upgrade this year — or move forward for 2023. Among the must-have travel promotions this fall are bonus points at Marriott, Radisson and Hyatt and other hotel groups, including one reciprocal offer with Qatar Airways.



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