Denmark extends citizenship test with “Danish values” test


The Danish government has made changes to its citizenship test, designed to test the knowledge of potential new citizens about Danish society, culture and history. The new questions will test an individual’s awareness of so-called “Danish values” in areas such as freedom of speech, gender equality and the relationship between law and religion.

This is the latest step in a tightening of the center-left Danish government’s immigration policy. The latest changes were passed in parliament thanks to the support of the center-right opposition parties rather than the usual left allies.

Led by Mette Frederiksen’s Social Democratic Party, the minority government has adopted many policies long associated with parties far to the right of the political spectrum. Foreign Policy described the overhaul as “one of the toughest refugee policies in the world.”

How Danish are you?

Launched in 2015, the citizenship test is designed to test an individual’s knowledge of Danish society, culture and history as part of a citizenship application.

Previously, applicants had to score 32 out of 40 points to pass. Candidates who take the new-look exam will need to score 36 out of 45, but also correctly answer at least four of the five questions on Danish values. The time available for the PC test remains at 45 minutes, but despite this the government insists that the test is not more difficult than before.

“I don’t know what politicians mean by Danish values,” one DR candidate said before taking the exam. One of the problems pointed out by critics is that there is no study material, which means that what is meant by “Danish values” is entirely subjective.

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Government citizenship spokesperson Lars Aslan Rasmussen said the revised test will prove applicants understand the company they are applying for.

“Actually, I think it’s very simple. Should girls be allowed to do the same things as boys, does Denmark have the death penalty? These are very simple questions that I think you should be able to answer if you live in Denmark, ”he told DR.

How to become a citizen of Denmark

Becoming a Danish citizen, of course, takes a lot more than passing an exam. The review is only part of the process. It is also necessary to have lived in the country with a residence permit valid for up to nine years, with a recent positive employment history.

There are a few groups of people who are not required to take the citizenship test. Exemptions are available for most people from Norway, Sweden or the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany. Children under 12 are also exempt.



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