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Destiny 2’s two biggest voids herald future content plans

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At this point, Destiny 2 has made a lot of long-term plans for the future. Three more expansions to come, and the series isn’t dropped after that, although we don’t know how it evolves from there.

A number of short, medium and long term changes were featured in Joe Blackburn’s State of the Game article a while back, and since then we’ve heard more about things like the changes to transmogrification and sandbox.

But in my mind, there are two pretty big voids in Destiny’s announced content plans, things that basically haven’t appeared in the state of play at all, or anything since. And I find that weird, considering how important these two things are to the game.

Crucible Cards and Modes

Joe Blackburn spoke at length about Crucible in the State of the Game. But the focus was on things like the Three Peaks, the No Cheaters, Stasis nerfs, sandbox changes and again. ‘other adjustments to the tryout reward structure, and finally, Iron Banner.

But what has been completely ignored are some of the foundational basics of Crucible, the lack of new maps and modes, especially after the deletion maps and modes when the Beyond Light Content Vault has hit.

Fans have been calling for the return of modes like Rift for ages now, but that hasn’t happened, and we haven’t seen any real evolution in Bungie experiencing new wild modes like they previously did in Halo. We have Mayhem and… that’s more or less all on that front. Instead, like 90% of the attention on Crucible seems devoted to eternal adjustments to essays.

Perhaps the biggest problem of all, however, is the lack of new cards. The last time Destiny 2 got new Crucible cards was Shadowkeep, and it was two Destiny 1 cards and a new one, Fragment, I believe. Beyond Light has arrived and not only was it not any new Crucible cards, despite the introduction of both Europa and Cosmodrome, but content storage removed 13 cards from the game. Granted, many were already underused, but still. The pool has only shrunk.

Now at this point, unless you introduce a random new card in a season, if the next cards arrive during Witch Queen, it will be more than two years since the game introduced a new one. or reprized Crucible map. This is not how you maintain a healthy mode, be it Trials, Iron Banner, or Basic Crucible. This needs to be more attention in the future, and it is beyond strange that this problem has been almost entirely ignored.


You know what was not mentioned at all in the whole post from Joe Blackburn? Gambit. Not once. Seriously, do a word search for that.

Gambit also declined with Beyond Light. I would say combining Prime and Normal was a good thing, and unless there is a little health boost from Primeval to avoid wild insta-melts, I would say Gambit is probably in the best “shape” in the game. which it has been.

But that said, again, the same Crucible problem is here. Gambit started out with only six cards and lost two to the Unreplaced Content Vault. I think the Dreaming City and Tangled Shore maps are gone because they were never formatted for Prime, which is what the new combined mode is mostly based on, but in a six-map mode you really can’t get enough of it. allow to lose two anyway. And don’t tell me it’s for “space reasons”.

Again, the game is Assumed to view Gambit as one of the core activities of the game alongside Strikes and Crucible. Yet the last time he received new cards was when, Season of the Drifter in March 2019?

There was also talk of bringing back the Gambit Prime “roles” as armor mods, but that never materialized. In short, the only significant thing that has come to Gambit outside of the combination of modes is the fact that Bottom Dollar falls into it, and you can accidentally brown your Dredgen title while trying to get it.

I know Bungie has a limited set of resources they can allocate to things, but four maps for an entire mode like this just isn’t good, and I don’t think Gambit should be ditched entirely, that is. is where it looks like we are heading.

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