Dominic Cummings Launches Paid Newsletter To Reveal Secrets # 10



ominic Cummings plans to charge newsletter subscribers to hear about his time in Downing Street.

The former senior Boris Johnson employee launched a profile on Substack, a newsletter platform that allows people to sign up for newsletter mailing lists on topics they find interesting.

In an article on the site, Mr Cummings said he would give out information about the coronavirus pandemic for free, as well as some details about his time in Downing Street.

Subscribers will also be able to access “additional features” such as question-and-answer sessions.

“Subscribers will first find out about new projects that I am making public,” the post said. “Only subscribers can comment.”

He said he also intends to use the platform to campaign for answers on the Covid pandemic and the government’s handling of it.

And he confirmed the platform’s launch on his Twitter account, urging activists pushing for an immediate investigation into Covid to get in touch because it would “help the campaign for free.”

Users can get access free of charge, but can then pay £ 100 per year, £ 10 per month or £ 200 per year to become a ‘founding member’.

It comes after Mr Cummings has targeted Boris Johnson Matt Hancock and the government in general since leaving Downing Street after a behind-the-scenes power struggle in November last year.



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