Donald Trump spoils eulogy for supporter Diamond with strange comment about her sister


Former President Donald Trump offhandedly claimed that he “didn’t know” Silk, one half of the popular conservative duo Diamond & Silk, during a speech at her late sister Diamond’s memorial service on Saturday.

Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway, who was popularly supportive of Trump along with her sister, died earlier this month at age 51 in what the former president described as a “totally” unexpected event.

Trump appeared at the North Carolina service where — in addition to reflections on Diamond — he railed about inflation and gas prices while listing a range of political grievances.

‘I’m serious, I thought I knew them both. Not me. I knew Diamond but I didn’t know Silk at all. I just heard about Silk. You are fantastic,” Trump said.

Trump later spoke about the crowd at the memorial service before using his time on stage to dive into how planning for the event was going.

“And we’re doing well and that’s the way it should be and I saw a big row of very, very nice vehicles outside. That has to be arranged properly, right? So we’re going to handle it properly. Step out in style. She knew that. Go out in style.”

You can watch more clips from the service below.



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