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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

“Don’t shoot me. Body camera video shows the police encounter with George Floyd.

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Prosecutors show spooky body camera footage worn by Constable Thomas Lane as he, Derek Chauvin and other Minneapolis Police officers confronted and attempted to arrest George Floyd outside Cup Foods in Minneapolis May 25.

The footage was made available for limited viewing in July, but will be new to most people watching the trial, including jurors.

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It shows Mr. Floyd, sitting in the driver’s seat of a car, becoming visibly distraught as soon as officers approach him with guns in hand and repeatedly begging them not to shoot him. He sobs and screams in terror for much of the video, and at no point does he appear to pose a threat to the officers.

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At the start of the video, while Mr. Floyd is in the driver’s seat, a policeman swears by ordering him to keep his hands in sight – showing the immediate aggressiveness with which the police confronted him. As they order him out of the car, he seems to be afraid that they will kill him if he moves; that’s when he starts to say, “Don’t shoot me.”

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As officers attempt to push Mr. Floyd into the back seat of a police vehicle, footage shows him screaming and repeatedly repeating that he is claustrophobic and scared.

Later, as Mr. Floyd begs for his life below Mr. Chauvin’s knee and says he can’t breathe, the former officer says, “It takes a tremendous amount of oxygen to say this. The video also shows Mr. Chauvin reacting nonchalantly when another officer says he cannot find Mr. Floyd’s pulse.

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The video was presented during the testimony of Lieutenant Jeff Rugel, a body camera expert. Lt. Rugel explained how the Minneapolis Police Department’s body cameras work and verified the legitimacy of Constable Lane’s camera footage.

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