Downing St Flat Row: Work won’t ‘rest’ until Boris provides answers


Ahead of the Prime Minister’s questions, the opposition party asked Mr Johnson to respond.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “We have to get to the bottom of what happened with this apartment.

“Who gave the money?” Why was it not declared?

“And who does the Prime Minister owe a favor?”

She pointed out that the Labor Party had “reluctantly dragged ministers” to Parliament to answer questions from the rows swirling around the Prime Minister.

His comments come as it was reported that Mr Johnson allegedly told his staff he could not afford the apartment renovation as costs began to skyrocket.

The Daily Mail alleged that the Prime Minister told his colleagues the bill was getting out of hand, while his chief of staff Dan Rosenfield reportedly saw the renovation as a ‘crazy arrangement’ and a ‘mess’.

The former de facto chief of staff, who left No 10 last fall after losing a power struggle, claimed in an inflammatory blog last week that Mr Johnson had at least at one point wanted that donors “secretly pay” for work in an “unethical, senseless move, perhaps illegal” way.

It is believed that a Conservative donor donated £ 58,000 and that money was initially used to pay for the renovation which was said to have been carried out by fashionable designer Lulu Lytle.



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