“Dubai Endowments” and “Treatment” launch “Do not paralyze them” to establish a health endowment


The Awqaf Foundation and the Management of Minors’ Funds and the Medication Group for Health Care launched the “Don’t Cripple Them” initiative to provide for the expenses of treating patients who are unable and uninsured.

The initiative is based on establishing a health endowment from the donations of charitable people, the proceeds of which will be used to cover the expenses of patients who are unable to bear the cost of surgeries and treatment.

Ali Al-Mutawa, Secretary-General of the Awqaf Foundation and the Management of Minors’ Funds in Dubai, said that the health endowment provides a sustainable source to provide for the expenses of treating humanitarian cases and patients who are unable to pay the cost of treatment.

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He added, “Our partnership with the Health Medication Group contributes to achieving the endowment’s goals in supporting disease cases and providing them with the best health care.”

He stated that the initiative enhances the role of the endowment in community service and support for humanitarian diseases, calling on all segments of society, institutions and companies to support the initiative (Don’t Cripple Them), in a way that enables the institution to implement the new endowment and direct a proceeds for the treatment of disease cases.

For his part, the Chairman and CEO of the Medication Healthcare Group, Marwan Haji Nasser, stated that the hospital is keen to provide the best health care for disease cases, through medical and nursing staff at the highest level of competence, that apply international health standards.

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He added that the “Don’t Cripple Them” initiative was launched to receive donations from institutions, businessmen, and able-bodied people in society, in order to provide the necessary funding to establish a health endowment that provides sustainable support for sick cases that are unable.

He explained that the donation is available to all members of society through the charitable funds in the Tadawy Hospital, and via SMS messages.

The initiative receives donations from those who are able through the account of the Awqaf Foundation in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, at the account number 10917633and the international account number AE960500000000010917633Emirates Islamic Bank on the account number 3507456574503and the international account number AE650340003507456574503And through the “Dubai Now” application. The initiative allows donations through charitable funds in a medical hospital, in addition to making donations starting from 10 dirhams to 1000 dirhams via SMS messages to the companies “Du” and “Etisalat”.

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