Dulos’ ex-lawyer avoids rape conviction, convicted of violating protective order


June 20 – Suspended barrister Kent D. Mawhinney, who has lived in South Windsor and Manchester and was accused of raping his ex-wife, was released on Friday without a rape conviction but with a conviction for breaching a domestic violence protection order issued after he was charged with the rape.

The attorney, Kent D. Mawhinney, 56, was given a five-year suspended prison sentence and three years probation by Hartford Superior Court for violating the protective order, according to court records online.

A murder conspiracy charge remains pending against him in Stamford Superior Court. He is accused of conspiring with the late Fotis Dulos of Farmington in the murder of Dulos’ ex-wife, Jennifer Farber Dulos. Mawhinney is free on $246,000 bond in this case, according to the online court filing.

The breach of Mawhinney’s protective order involved asking Dulos, his friend and client at law, to contact Mawhinney’s wife in an alleged attempt at reconciliation.

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Mawhinney’s wife – who complained to South Windsor Police about Dulos’ approach after Dulos’ wife disappeared – told police Dulos tried to lure him to his home in Farmington. She said she believed her husband wanted her dead and that Dulos was working with her husband to get rid of her, according to a South Windsor police report.

Fotis Dulos was later charged with the murder of his wife, and Mawhinney was charged with conspiracy to murder.

Dulos killed himself when he was about to be sent to prison in lieu of a high bond in the murder case.

Mawhinney’s wife, who is now divorced from him, accused him of repeatedly raping her in the early hours of January 21, 2019. The incidents happened after he filed for divorce. They both still lived in their home in South Windsor, but constantly slept in separate bedrooms, she told police.

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She “looked visibly upset” when she reported the rape later that day, according to a report by South Windsor Police Officer Edmund J. Klein.

Mawhinney denied the charge, saying his wife initiated and consented to the sexual activity, the officer reported. But he added that Mawhinney had refused to give police a written sworn statement.

In court Friday, the marital rape charge against Mawhinney was either dismissed or dropped, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers reported. Charging can theoretically be restarted within the next 13 months, although this almost never happens.

Under his plea agreement, Mawhinney was found guilty of breaching the protective order under the Alford Doctrine, which means he did not admit guilt but admitted that the evidence of the The charge, if believed by a jury, was sufficient for a conviction at trial, Hearst reported.

Mawhinney’s ex-wife spoke at length in court on Friday, alleging that Mawhinney repeatedly abused her, financially and sexually, during their five-year marriage, Hearst reported.

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But Hartford State’s Attorney Sharmese Walcott told Judge Kevin Doyle that the woman’s sexual assault allegations could not be proven, according to Hearst. She said the charges were found not to be credible by a family court judge during the divorce and by a judge who heard the woman’s request for a civil restraining order in July 2020, according to Hearst.

There was, however, physical evidence supporting the woman’s claims. She told South Windsor Police that Mawhinney put his hands around her neck and squeezed her, hurting her but not cutting off her oxygen, before pushing him away. Klein reported that he and another officer saw dark discoloration on the woman’s neck consistent with a bruise.

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