EastEnders’ Christmas Special has ALREADY started filming while Albert Square is decorated with lights


It’s a time when much of the nation is looking forward to presents, turkey and festive cheer, but in Albert Square, there’s no such thing as a Merry Christmas.

Whether it’s an unexpected tragedy, a confession, or an explosive showdown, Christmas Day is known as one of the soap opera’s dramatic days on the calendar.

So, as EastEnders begin filming for the upcoming Christmas Day special, here’s a look back at the soap’s most explosive festive moments

1986 – Dirty Den serves his wife Angie with divorce papers

It’s a moment that was famously watched by 35 million viewers and continues to be seen as one of the most dramatic in EastEnders history.

Just a year after the soap started, viewers were captivated as Den prepared to confront his wife Angie about her lies after claiming she had six months to live to save their marriage. After discovering the truth, an enraged Den Angie handed divorce papers, leaving her devastated.

1995 – The Surprising Return of Frank Butcher

The mid-’90s wasn’t a Merry Christmas for Pat Butcher, who was stunned when her husband Frank returned to Albert Square after fleeing the year before, having struggled with his guilt over the death of a homeless man.

Pat decided to move on and started a romance with car dealer Roy Evans, so it was no surprise that Frank was furious when he came home and his wife was living with another man.

1998 – The Tragic Death of Jamie Mitchell

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Jamie’s passing turned out to be one of EastEnders’ most heartbreaking moments, after he was accidentally run over by Martin Fowler in a hit and run.

While girlfriend Sonia declared her love for him, Jamie took his last breath in the hospital on Christmas Day, with his final moments next to Little Mo and Billy Mitchell’s wedding on the tune Stand By Me.

2001 – Little Mo is tormented by her abusive husband Trevor

For EastEnders 2001’s celebratory episodes, viewers witnessed Mo’s horrific beatings by her evil husband Trevor, including the awkward moment when he covered her Christmas dinner with gravy before throwing it on the floor and forcing her to eat it off the carpet.

It was just days later when Mo finally hit back at her husband, beating him with an iron on New Year’s Eve and leaving him for dead, though he later surprisingly returned during an explosive Halloween infero.

2006 – Pauline Fowler dies

Pauline’s passing was far from the explosive deaths fans had come to love during the EastEnders celebratory specials, as she simply collapsed on a stroll in the square after arguing with Sonia at the Queen Vic.

She went unnoticed when she fell behind a Christmas tree, but it wasn’t until the pub emptied into the square to enjoy the snowfall that Dot Cotton discovered her friend lifeless on the floor, leaving her son Martin devastated.

2007 – Max and Stacey’s affair is revealed

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It has gone down in history as one of EastEnders’ most bombshell moments as fans eagerly waited to see Stacey and Max’s long-standing affair revealed.

The tense scene saw both lovers settle down to enjoy Christmas with their husbands Bradley and Tanya, while teenage Lauren gave her brother a copy of his wedding video, unaware that it contained a clip of Max and Stacey kissing just hours before. she would tie the wedding. button.

The moment Tanya and Bradley discovered their husbands had been infidelity has become one of the soap’s most iconic scenes, setting the stage for an explosive year in which both marriages were torn apart by the infidelity.

2009 – Archie Mitchell is murdered

He went on to become one of EastEnders’ most famous villains, and Archie Mitchell finally met his creator on Christmas Day after revealing his plot to become the property of the pub Queen Vic.

After making enemies of most of the Mitchell family, including his daughter Ronnie and ex-wife Peggy, Archie’s life came to an end when he was struck on the head by a mysterious assailant with the Queen Vic bust. , which set the stage for one of the soap’s biggest Whodunnits.

2014 – Mick Carter discovers Dean raped Linda

For weeks, viewers waited for Mick to discover that his partner Linda had been raped by his cousin Dean, and on Christmas Day, the revelation finally came to light.

During Mick’s romantic proposal, Linda crumbled and revealed that Dean had attacked her weeks before, which led to the Queen Vic hardman violently attacking him and sending their Christmas dinner flying to the floor.

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That wasn’t the episode’s only bombshell though, as Shirley Carter then revealed that Mick was actually her son, making Dean his brother, leaving the celebratory episode on a cliffhanger that left fans utterly stunned.

2016 – Max Branning is back!

After a year behind bars after being wrongfully convicted of murder, Max returned to the square on Christmas Day in spectacular fashion, ready to take his revenge on those who accused him of murdering Lucy Beale.

Although his return did not appear until the last minute of the episode, it sparked a flurry of speculation among fans about what his return would mean for the Beales…

2017 – Max’s Showdown on the Roof

After reaching an all-time low in his quest for revenge, a distraught Max prepared to end his life by jumping off the rain-soaked roof of the Queen Vic before being confronted by his daughters Lauren and Abi, who killed him. begged to reconsider.

After finally convincing him to step away, both Abi and Lauren lost their balance and plunged from the roof to the floor below, forcing the sisters to fight for their lives in the hospital.

Abi sadly passed away weeks later, while a devastated Lauren decided to leave Walford to start a new life with her son Louie.



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