Elon Musk’s Starlink is now available for immediate shipping in 32 countries


SpaceX has announced that its satellite internet service, Starlink, is now available in 32 countries. The company shared an availability map for Starlink, marking the countries under the “Available”, “Waiting List” and “Coming Soon” segments. Countries in Europe and North America mostly fall under the “Available” category. Additionally, the company claims that in these regions, Starlink is ready to ship immediately. On the other hand, all of Africa and most countries in South America are set to receive Starlink soon. South and Southeast Asian countries also fall under the “Coming Soon” category for now.

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The announcement was made via the official SpaceX Twitter account. As mentioned earlier, Starlink will now ship immediately to a total of 32 countries around the world. SpaceX is expected to expand Starlink availability to other countries, including India. The availability map does not show any timeline for countries where Starlink will launch at a later stage, however, it is expected to start in 2023.

Previously, SpaceX planned to deploy its Starlink network in India and provide full coverage by the end of 2021. Its goal was to target rural Lok Sabha constituencies in the country to provide high-speed internet access in areas remote areas where high-speed wired Internet connections might be difficult to set up. The company reportedly used 80% of the Starlink terminal shipped to India for rural areas. SpaceX aimed to install up to 200,000 terminals in India by the end of 2022.

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However, it did not apply for a commercial license to provide broadband and other connections in India by the end of 2021. Following this, SpaceX was instructed by the Telecom Ministry to issue refunds for the 5 000 pre-orders that the company had already received. of customers in India. In emails sent to customers in India, SpaceX mentioned that “several issues” would need to be resolved before the company could acquire a license in India. He also did not share a timeline indicating when Starlink might possibly be available in the country.

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