Emma, ​​a devoted horse and a headscarf: a bridegroom’s personal farewell to Queen Elizabeth


The Queen has ridden Emma for over 20 years, most recently in July. She rarely wore a riding hat and preferred to tie one of her signature headscarves around her.

Mr Pendry, who later attended service at St George’s Chapel as part of a congregation made up of the Queen’s family, friends and loyal staff, said the pony may have had a “sixth sense” that his mistress did not have with her. would come back.

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Queen Elizabeth’s two remaining corgis, Sandy and Muick, stood outside the castle for the last time they saw the coffin.

The gesture of placing the headscarf on Emma’s saddle reflects the personal details of Prince Philip’s 2021 funeral, when his grooms placed his riding crop, gloves and a jar of sugar cubes on his carriage.



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