Emma Raducanu to Korea Open semifinals and looks back on her best – live reaction


emma raducanu vs magda linette live score korea open 2022 – UKTN

  • Raducanu wins US Open third game in a row for first time since 2021

  • Brit has to lose another set in Seoul

  • Will face number 1 seed Ostapenko or Kasintseva in semifinal

10:21 am

Raducanu wins 6-2, 6-2 Linette

Raducanu flawless for the baseline again, a fantastic display of strength and making shots. She takes a 30-0 lead and is approaching the semi-finals.

She finds another winner with a great backhand. And at the next point, she pulls in for the easiest winners after Linette’s return was a week.

That’s that! Raducanu has won six straight sets and three games in a row for the first time since last year’s US Open.

10:16 am

Raducanu* 6-2, 5-2 Linette (*indicates next server)

A major challenge is up against Linette, and this is now slipping away from here. Raducanu is 30-0 to serve, but Linette’s wide serve reduces some of the damage.

Linette does enough to hold, but Raducanu will serve for it now.

10:11 am

Raducanu 6-2, 5-1 Linette* (*indicates next server)

This will now be a cruise for Raducanu after her third and fourth ace of the match. The former US Open champion is now within one game of reaching the semifinals.

10:07 am

Raducanu* 6-2, 4-1 Linette (*indicates next server)

Linette’s previous match lasted 2 hours and 46 minutes, so that may have taken its toll. An unforced error by the Pole enables Raducanu to come back 15-15 against service. One more pause and you should be thinking about the curtains for Linette.

Another superb forehand down Raducanu’s line to advance to 30-15, beautifully done.

And just like in the first set, Raducanu is relentless in her pursuit of a break of service! A set and double breakup now.

10:03 am

Raducanu 6-2, 3-1 Linette* (*indicates next server)

Raducanu starts well after the break with a large serve that Linette does not deal with. But on the second serve, Linette wins the next point at level 15-15.

But Raducanu makes it 18/18 on the first serve, before Linette’s forehand winner equalizes the game again. But Raducanu’s first serve turns out to be strong enough and she holds a crucial game in her hands.

9:59 a.m.

Looks like play is about to resume

Raducanu has tried to keep loose by hitting some balls.

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9:54 AM

Magda Linette takes a medical time out

A very important service game coming up for Raducanu.

09:52 o’clock

Raducanu* 6-2, 2-1 Linette (*indicates next server)

Not winning that game against the serve was a blow to Linette, and she looks ragged at the start of this game. Raducanu leads 30-0 after a long Linette forehand whistled.

Raducanu now has a few breaking points of its own! What a turnaround this will be.

And Raducanu delivers. There is now a clear path to victory: a set and a breakup.

09:48 am

Raducanu 6-2, 1-1 Linette* (*indicates next server)

Linette was now getting used to her task and won one of the points of the match by getting close on a drop shot.

The Pole’s backhand proves effective and she earns her first break point of the match. But Raducanu shows some guts to win the next two points and gives himself a shot at an unlikely 40-0 lead.

Raducanu fires another forehand down the line to return to deuce! Her next winner is just as good, this time cross-court. Advantage Raducanu. Linette can’t complete another first serve from Raducanu, which is another blockage.

9:41 am

Second set: Raducanu* 6-2, 0-1 Linette (*indicates next server)

A much better start to this set than the first for Linette, serving with more freedom and winning the game to love. Linette has only dropped one point in her last three service games, so warm up a bit.

09:37 o’clock

First set: Raducanu 6-2 Linette

Raducanu maintains her record of not dropping a point on the first serve in this match, taking her to a 30-15 lead.

Linette answers to level the game, but Raducanu steps up and flushes her second ace of the match. The Brit has a set point, but Linette makes it with better play from the baseline.

But Raducanu produces a corker from a backhand to claim the first set. That’s five sets in a row this week.

09:31 o’clock

Raducanu* 5-2 Linette (*indicates the next server)

Linette wins the first two points on service, before Raducanu takes advantage of a great deal of luck with a flukey winner snapping the net. Raducanu’s cross-court backhand then flies out and Linette wins the next point to hold. Raducanu will then serve for the set.

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09:27 o’clock

Raducanu 5-1 Linette* (*indicates the next server)

Raducanu is two handles away from winning the set, and she’s off to a good start here leading 15-0.

Excellent stuff from both in the next rally, but Raducanu’s creditable return is too long. Linette then makes a wrong backhand and stares at the field, blaming a bad bounce. Raducanu 30-15 op.

Thundering forehand down Raducanu’s line to go to 40-15. Then a nimble drop shot is decisive and that’s another service game banked. Very impressive of Raducanu.

9:21 am

Raducanu* 4-1 Linette (*indicates next server)

Linette has to work hard for the first point on the serve, but she wins it with a double-handed backhand. A good wide serve from Linette beats Raducanu, 30-0.

Linette now finds some rhythm and another ace wins her first game of the match. Linette on the scoreboard after a rocky start.

09:18 o’clock

Raducanu 4-0 Linette* (*indicates next server)

Raducanu currently dominates from deep on the field, letting Linette scramble in all directions. Raducanu’s backhand has been very effective so far. Another service game is decisively claimed with 40-15. The match is only 15 minutes old, but she is in charge of this first set.

09:14 o’clock

Raducanu* 3-0 Linette (*indicates next server)

Raducanu sends a Linette service that was too short, but the Pole delivers a strong response, 15-15.

However, Linette struggles to match Raducanu in the rallies, and she uses the corners well with a back hand to score two break points.

And there it is! What a start this was for Raducanu, a double break-up. If she keeps this up, this might be her most impressive show in ages.

9:10 am

Raducanu 2-0 Linette* (*indicates the next server)

Can Raducanu consolidate that break and win her first service game? It’s an assured start with an ace, before entering the net after forcing Linette wide and netting another winner. 30-0 for Raducanu.

Her next serve is too hot for Linette, 40-0.

Raducanu looks very strong in the early stages and a beautiful forehand down the line wins the game to love.

09:07 o’clock

First set: Raducanu* 1-0 Linette (*indicates next server)

Raducanu wants to show her strength and dictate from the baseline. Linette serves in the early stages with a few poor serves and the Brit builds a lead of 30-0.

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A better serve gets a little big for Raducanu who mis-cues a backhand, 30-15 Linette. A forehand from Raducanu has too much at stake and Linette recovers to 30-30.

Raducanu wins the next rally and has a breakpoint, and there it is! Linette challenges her shot over the line that was called, but it was out.

Perfect start from Raducanu against the number 3 seed.

9:01 am

The throw…

Raducanu has won the toss and will receive.

08:58 a.m.

Raducanu goes to court

The odds suggest that the winner of this match will play number 1 seed Ostapenko in the next round.

08:50 am

That’s the victory for Maria

A convincing 6-1, 6-1 win. Raducanu next door at Center Court in Seoul.

08:40 am

Tatjana Maria makes light work of Zhu Lin

The German claimed the first set 6-1 and leads 4-1 in the second. That should mean Raducanu is on the track at 9 a.m. sharp, unless there’s a notable comeback.

2:18 pm

May Raducanu continue to march in Korea?

Good morning and welcome to the coverage of Emma Raducanu’s rebuilding after her first round exit from the US Open as she takes on Poland’s Magda Linette in the final eight of the Korea Open.

Raducanu reached this stage after taking a 6-3, 7-5 win over Belgium’s Yanina Wickmayer on Thursday morning.

The British number 1 and sixth seed, plagued with injuries, is determined to make progress here in Seoul after failing to defend her grand slam title in New York and a second-round defeat at the Slovenia Open from last week.

“My goal on the field is to keep swinging more and more freely in every game. And my other goal is to stay in Korea as long as possible,” she said.

“Last week I struggled a bit with my legs, I just did a lot of training, and like I said, the rest of this year is just really trying to build up physically for the next year.

“So I’m training a lot – like before the game today I did 90 minutes on the pitch and I’m just trying to get myself in shape.

“And that sometimes comes with little niggles. Right now it’s something I’m just managing, but I know it’s for a bigger benefit, so I kind of delved into that process a bit.”


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