EU working on 10th round of sanctions against Russia – Diplomats


European Union countries are preparing a tenth package of sanctions to take effect next month against Russia for waging war against Ukraine, diplomatic sources told Reuters.

The EU’s Russian hawks have already called for new sanctions to, among other things, curb cooperation between the bloc on nuclear fuel and Moscow, ban imports of Russian diamonds, and curb trade with Belarus, the country’s ally. Kremlin, to reduce.

On Friday, senior diplomats from three middle-ground countries said the next round of sanctions should be ready around the February 24 anniversary of Russia’s invasion of its neighbour, an ex-Soviet republic that has spent the last few years trying to integrate with the West. .

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“The next package of sanctions will be ready sometime around the tragic first anniversary of the invasion,” said one of the senior diplomats, while a second said “there was ambition” to have the measures ready by then.

However, they would not discuss who and what might be covered by the package. Blacklisting is generally an easier way to get the necessary support from all 27 countries in the EU than harsh economic sanctions.

“It’s too early, we just had the ninth package,” said a senior diplomat from another EU country, a country that had yet to be convinced to move to another set of sanctions after the previous one was agreed in December. side.

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No decisions on the matter are expected when EU foreign ministers meet on Monday, but some are likely to take the opportunity to kick off the discussion.

EU officials are also seeking approval from ministers for a seventh tranche of military aid to Ukraine worth €500 million ($540 million).

Hungary’s foreign ministry and government spokesman did not respond to requests for comment on reports that Budapest blocked that move ahead of Monday’s talks.

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Before that, the 27 national envoys to the EU will discuss an impending review of the block price cap on Russian oil this weekend, with Poland and Lithuania, among others, calling for it to be lowered.

Foreign ministers are also expected to add more individuals to Iran’s human rights violations sanctions list on Monday, with some EU countries calling for even more action in response to Tehran supplying drones that Russia is using in Ukraine.

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