Exposed: wave of misogyny against councilors in London


The shocking extent of abuse suffered by counselors in London can be revealed today in a devastating Evening Standard investigation, as 60% of those polled said they had been victims of misogyny.

A counselor reported that a member of her constituency warned her, “I am going to rape you and your daughter. Another told us, “There were magazines going around with my head cut off and rap songs posted by my door about how I should be raped. It dissuaded me from running for Parliament. A third said: “I’ve always had a hard time talking about it publicly, I didn’t want to keep other women out of politics. ”

Earlier this month, the Standard surveyed 58 female and 22 male counselors about their experiences witnessing or experiencing gender-based abuse and found that 45% of male counselors had witnessed abuse against female colleagues. which “would not happen to them”. . While the men said that they had experienced some kind of abuse themselves, they said it was generally much less than their female counterparts.

Seventy percent of female city councilors said they would feel safer if their address was no longer public, calling its current availability “outrageous” and directly contributing to the abuse they face. The home address of advisers is often available online on their interest register. Although councilors have the option of refusing to have their home address publicly available, one said she “had to fight” to have it removed and another described it as a “difficult and difficult process. “.

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Across all boroughs, parties, ages and ethnicities, women councilors have reported abuse to the Standard based almost entirely on their gender, including persistent comments about their “reproductive hips,” receiving handwritten cards that read: ” you will always have a seat on my face ”and asked for nudes while dealing with cases.

The work of the counselors involves working on domestic violence, debt crises and safe housing issues.

We spoke to four counselors who told us about the gender-based verbal threats, online harassment and physical bullying they faced.

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