F1: Fernando Alonso won’t help Verstappen in Hamilton title fight


Alonso doesn’t think he’ll be able to help Verstappen win the Hamilton World Championship again.

Alonso also said he still runs his own race

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Alonso also said he still runs his own race

Fernando Alonso has revealed that he won’t be particularly coming to help Max Verstappen to allow him to defeat Lewis Hamilton. Alonso and Hamilton have a story as they faced each other in 2007 when they were teammates at McLaren. His comments came after Red Bull’s Helmut Marko claimed that Alonso could come to the aid of Verstappen because he didn’t like Hamilton, as evidenced by the duel between the two iconic Hungarian GP drivers.

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“I read that, but I still do my own race. In Hungary, yes we managed to fight Hamilton. But that was mainly due to the track. Mercedes and Red Bull are normally way too fast,” said Alonso, claiming that the Mercedes car alone is too fast at the moment for him to intervene.

“Look at Monza, when Bottas started last and still finished on the podium. So of course I like to fight with good riders, but I think Red Bull really has to do it himself this season,” Alonso said citing the running pace of the two. Mercedes and Red Bull.


Max Verstappen arrived P2 at the Turkish GP but was more than 10 seconds off pace

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His comments come after Mark Webber said Red Bull may no longer have the fastest car on the grid, as evidenced by the 13-second gap Valtteri Bottas was able to claim from Verstappen in Turkey. This would mark two trotting races when a Mercedes won the race.

It has since been reported that Pirelli has introduced stiffer sidewalls on its tires that Mercedes has been able to improve its racing pace. Red Bull and Ferrari have also complained to the FIA ​​about the engine update brought by Mercedes, this request was rejected.

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Even Red Bull boss Christian Horner was surprised by the Mercedes’ straight-line speed despite using a lot of fenders, which adds downforce and makes the car aerodynamically efficient in the corners. while sacrificing straight-line speed. In the past, Alonso has said he wants Verstappen to win the world championship.

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