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Faq: what you need to know about the PSLE ​​grading system and thresholds for high schools

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SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Education (MOE) on Tuesday (April 27) released the range of scores for entering nearly 140 secondary schools, as part of a new grading system that will come into effect this year.

Primary 6 students who take the Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE) will receive pass grades of 1 to 8 for each of their four subjects, with 1 being best and 8 being worst.

Their final PSLE ​​score is the sum of these achievement levels – meaning the best possible total score is 4.

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Here’s what you need to know about the new PSLE ​​grading system and what the indicative thresholds mean for parents and students:

Q: How were the indicative PSLE ​​score ranges for individual schools simulated?

A: The indicative scores are the scores of the first and last pupil who would be admitted to each school under the new scoring system, based on the 2020 cohort results and the school choice models.

The last student’s PSLE ​​score is called the school threshold.

The indicative grade range for Cedar Girls High School, for example, is 4 to 8.

The MEO first simulated each student’s individual score in terms of achievement level based on their raw scores in the subject. The achievement level scores were then added to form a student’s total PSLE ​​score.

Using these simulated PSLE ​​scores and the school picks from the 2020 batch, the MOE simulated the students’ display results based on the new Secondary 1 display system and school breaks. equality by order of citizenship, order of choice of schools and computerized voting.

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The actual range of PSLE ​​scores is not predetermined and may vary from year to year depending on that year’s PSLE ​​results and the school choice models of each cohort of Primary 6. .

Q: If my child reaches the indicative school threshold, does this guarantee my child’s admission to school?

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A: Respecting the indicative school threshold does not guarantee the admission of a child to this school.

The indicative threshold is the score of the last pupil admitted to the school of the previous cohort, and the actual thresholds may vary from year to year.

If there are two or more students with the same PSLE ​​score vying for the last places in the school, a tiebreaker will be applied in the order of citizenship, the order of choice of the school. and computerized voting.

“In view of this, it is possible that students who score at the school cutoff point are broken,” the education ministry said.

Q: Why isn’t there a school with an indicative cutoff of 4 or 5 within the PSLE ​​indicative score ranges?

A: The indicative range of a school’s PSLE ​​scores indicates the score of the first and last pupil admitted to that school and to this course during the previous year via the Secondary 1 posting exercise. The last student’s score is the indicative threshold for that school.

According to the MOE simulations of the Secondary 1 2020 posting exercise, there was no school where the last admitted student had a PSLE ​​score of 4 or 5, and therefore no school with cutoffs. of 4 or 5.

Q: What does the MOE mean when it says “students have a choice of schools for each PSLE ​​score”?

A: There is a “good distribution” of schools with cut-off points at each PSLE ​​score of 6 to 30, the education ministry said.

“This means that students would have a range of school options with each PSLE ​​score and could also consider schools with cut-off points that don’t exactly match their PSLE ​​scores,” the MEO said in a fact sheet. information.

By way of illustration, a student with a PSLE ​​score of 6 might choose schools with a cut-off of 6, 7 or higher.

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“We encourage parents and students to look beyond the school thresholds when choosing a high school, and to consider schools that would suit a student’s overall learning needs well.

“This includes choosing schools based on their programs or initiatives, extracurricular activities, ethics and culture as well as home-school distance,” the education ministry said.

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MOE PSLE ​​2020 indicative score range

Q: Why do several schools have the same indicative threshold? How should parents and students choose a secondary school when the guideline thresholds for many schools are the same?

A: With the new scoring system, PSLE ​​scores are now less finely differentiated – there are only 29 possible PSLE ​​scores compared to over 200 aggregate scores under the old T score system. This means that schools are now less differentiated by cut-off points, the education ministry said.

“We encourage parents and students to look beyond the school thresholds when choosing a high school, and to consider schools that would suit the student’s overall learning needs well,” the ministry said. of Education in the fact sheet.

“They must take into account the learning needs, interests, strengths and aspirations of the student, and how the culture, environment, ethics and curriculum of the school can support development. of the pupil.

MOE 2020 indicative PSLE ​​score range

Encouraging parents to learn more about schools using MOE platforms like the PSLE-FSBB microsite and the SchoolFinder program, the Department of Education also pointed out that the order of choice of schools will be a breakthrough. equality in the new display system.

“Since the order of choice of schools will be a tiebreaker in the new Secondary 1 posting system, we encourage parents and students to carefully consider the choices they indicate on the form. option S1 and choose the schools that best suit the learning needs of the student. ”

Parents are also urged to consider at least two to three schools where the student’s PSLE ​​score is better than the school threshold, the ministry said.

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Q: Will there be an increased likelihood of voting as there will be fewer possible PSLE ​​scores and more schools for each score?

A: Students will be assigned to schools based on their academic merit – students with the higher PSLE ​​score will be admitted before others with lower scores, the MOE said.

If there is more than one student with the same score competing for the last available place in the school, the tiebreakers will be applied in this order: Citizenship, order of choice of school then computerized vote.

A Singaporean has the highest priority, followed by a permanent resident and finally an international student.

With the order of choice of school, students who place school as their first choice would be admitted over others who place it as second or third choice.

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If the citizenship and the order of choice of school are the same, a computerized vote will be used to determine which student will be admitted.

The Department of Education expects that about nine in ten students will not need to vote and that the “vast majority” of students will likely be successfully allocated to one of their six choices. school, “comparable” to in the T score system.

“Parents and students should think carefully about the choices they indicate because the order of choice of schools will be a tiebreaker after citizenship. We encourage parents and students to look beyond the schools’ PSLE ​​score ranges when choosing a high school, and to consider schools that would suit a student’s overall learning needs well. ”

The score ranges for each school can be found at https://moe.gov.sg/schoolfinder.


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